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30 mins 1 person 1 look, environmental or white background includes 1 high end retouched image.  Good for social media profile image.


1 hour 1 person, environmental or white background
2 – 3 “looks” (outfit and background changes).  Ideal for personal branding for marketing materials, social media and website profiles.  2 high res images are included.


There are no hidden fees or back-end sales. We shoot, do high end editing on ALL selected images and give you the full resolution digital files without watermarks. You have the option to print your head shots though us, but with the digital files can used at the lab of your choice.  Headshot session images are posted within 24 hours.  Images are then edited cropped and uploaded to a secure online album for download.

FOR PROFESSIONAL EXECUTIVE PORTRAIT Group Packages:  call US AT 817.320.8939 for group HEADSHOT package information.


1. We don’t just take great imagery and leave you to figure out how to maximize their use.  We give you practical, proven, effective ways to maximize your time and investment.

2. We understand the art of photographing business professionals a. We understand that your professional headshot is an investment.  We will work with you to capture an image that you will be proud to share with other professionals, either through social media or corporate insignia.

3. We love to challenge our clients when they say they don’t take good pictures. a. We pay attention to the simple things, like asking a client “what their best side is ”… the truth is both sides can be your best you just have to find the right angles and use the right lighting to deemphasize flaws and accentuate your best features.

4. The Studio Experience is relaxed and carefree which allows us to produce professional executive headshots that stand out from the rest.  All of our clients are asked to fill out a brief questionnaire that we use to prep for your session. We know from experience that being a great photographer takes preparation and part of that is knowing the right things about our clients; i.e. there pet peeves, and hang-up’s about their appearance (all of us have them 🙂

5. We value your time!

Our sessions usually average about an hour; Working with A list athletes and B list actors has taught me the importance of starting a shoot on time and finishing in a timely fashion with a product that exceeds the expectation of the client.

6. Will you come to our office or onsite location?

YES, we are a fully mobile professional studio with the capability of producing high-end professional headshots at any location.

7. What type of headshots do you take?

The type of headshots we produce can be described from classic to eclectic depending on what our client’s expectations are. Give us a call to schedule your session today! Phone: 817-320-8939

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